Platter Fresh Spicy Kerala Mixture

Dried Ginger / Chukku
September 18, 2018
Platter Fresh Dried Turmeric
September 18, 2018
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Platter Fresh Kerala Mixture.It is crispy in general and has a spicy and salty taste that goes good with tea or coffee .

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Kerala Mixture is a widely used and famous snack consumed by Keralites and other South Indian states. The mixture, contains a number of items including peanuts, garlic, curry leaves, red chilli powder, etc. In South India, it is prepared using coconut oil but in other parts of the country, the same is prepared using other edible oils as well.A crunchy and a spicy hot flavor made from a delicate collection of seva, boondhi, fried peanut and spices. One of the most popular evening snack to be had with a hot cup of tea. This special crispy snack which has a very spicy hot flavor is a traditional and a common food in most of the Indian states.

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