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Home Made Kerala Banana Chips in coconut oil

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Platter Fresh Kerala Banana Chips (400gm) (Misc.)


  • Kerala Banana Chips
  • Homemade coconut oil for making our banana chips

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Banana Chips are made of dried slices of raw or under ripe banana. Fried in coconut oil and seasoned with spices or covered with honey and sugar. The actual process of making banana chips is to first of all cut thin slices of unripe green bananas. Before they are fried they are soaked in a salt and lime water solution. Unripe bananas are used to make chips as they have a low sugar and water content but they are high in starch.

Fried banana chips are a popular snack in Kerala and Tamil Nadu where they are locally known as ‘Nenthra-kaaya oopperi or upperi. Banana chips form an integral part of a traditional meal in Kerala and are also served during festivals and weddings. In fact banana chips make an excellent snack at tea time since they are light yet healthy.

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