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Indian Bay Leaves / Teja Patta (100 gm)

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Bay leaf also known as ‘Laurus Nobilis’ belongs to the Lauraceae family. Bay leaf trees are native to the Mediterranean regions. In India Bay leaf is referred to as ‘Tej patta’ grown mainly in the Himalayan slopes in UP and in Bihar, Kerala and Karnataka. Bay leaves are very rich in nutrients and have been used for centuries both for culinary as well as for medicinal purposes.

Bay leaves as such are not consumed whole. These aromatic leaves are dried and then used whole for flavoring Italian and Brazilian cuisines but removed before serving. Dried bay leaves are ground and used as a spice to stews and soups and for garnishing dishes.  Bay leaves give a distinctive flavor in Indian rice dishes like Biryani, gravies, meat and sauces.

Bay leaf extracts have great medicinal value as these are used to cure skin and respiratory disorders. Oil extracted from bay leaves contains cineol that is very effective for reducing inflammation due to arthritis and sore joints. Regular consumption of bay leaf improves digestion and regulates blood sugar levels.

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