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black Stingless bee on nest

Small bee honey is the natural sweetener which can be included in your diet. Small bee honey is the sweet liquid produced by the small bees or the harmless stingless bees. Small bees can be seen in all tropical parts of the world. Small bees called Meliponines nest in the hollow tree trunks, branches or in the rock cavities. Currently, around 500 species of small bees are identified. The beehives made by these bees are quite different from those created by the big ones.

While normal bees build vertical hanging wax combs, the hives of small bees is made with horizontal brood combs with one type of cell that opens upward. Small bee honey is highly nutritious as the small bees can collect nectar from the deepest space. Honey production of small bees is much less when compared to the ordinary bees. Thus, stingless bee honey is expensive and rare. Small bees store honey in small pots which are made of wax and propolis or plant resin. Small bee honey has thinner consistency and can be easily spoilt.

There are several differences between small bee honey and ordinary honey.

They include:

  • Unlike ordinary honey, small bee honey is not overtly sweet. It has a pleasant aroma and taste.
  • Small bee honey is medicinal.
  • It has more water content.
  • It is mostly seen in amber shades of colour and ordinary honey can be seen in different colours.
Minute Australian Native Stingless Bee

Close up of a very tiny minute Australian native stingless Bee Tetragonula on an onion flower


Small bee honey is twice as nutritious as ordinary honey. It also has medicinal properties as the small bees collect nectar from small wild growing medicinal plants and trees. It is quite difficult for the bigger bees to get into the small plants and flowers. Stingless bee honey is administered to children who suffer from fever or infections. It doesn’t have any side effects and children would love to consume it because of its sweet taste.


  • Reduce obesity: Small bee honey is known for reducing pot belly. You can consume ginger juice mixed with honey as ginger will prevent indigestion that may be caused by honey.
  • Effective for fever: Small bee honey can be administered to children as it reduces fever.
  • Treat infections: Stingless bee honey can be used to treat many kinds of infections.
  • Heal wounds: External application of honey will heal wounds.
  • Replace sugar: People who are not allowed to consume white sugar can include small bee honey in their diet.


Small bee honey can be stored in glass or steel jars. It can be kept in room temperature.


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