10 Kerala Dishes that you must try

Kanava Thoran (Stir fried Squid with Coconut)
March 1, 2014
Why fish and shellfish are recommended as an important part of the diet?
May 9, 2014

1.Puttu & Kadala Curry


2.Appam – Potato Stew

Kerala Appam and Potato Stew


3.Idiyappam & Egg Curry

Kerala Idiyappam and Egg


4. Kappa & Meencurry

kappa and meencurry


5. Sadya in Vazhayila

Sadya in Vazhayila - Banana Leaf


6. Parotta and Chicken Fry

Parotta and Chicken


7. Kerala Chicken Biriyani

Kerala Chicken Biriyani


8. Karimeen Pollichathu

Karimeen Pollichathu


9. Nadan Kozhi Perattu

Nadan Kozhi Perattu


10. Kallumakkaya Roast

stuffed kallumakkaya

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